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Yai, I had an idea and got this blog a free URL and a new name:


Next step: Finding readers…

Today, I finished the Agamben theory chapter. I have outlined his major arguments on souvereignity, bare life/homo sacer and the camp as biopolitical paradigm. Section 2 of this chapter consits of 3 major critiques reagarding Agambens concept of power, his use of the term biopolitics and his idea of history (it seems kind of that the groundwork for the "biopolitical desaster", i.e. the shoa/holocaust is laid in antique greece concepts of politics and life, and that there is no way out).

By the way, this blog starts resembling another blog I quite like. It’s tam’s research musings where tam describes the process of writing her disertation on “desire, sexuality and gender identity in intimate relationships involving transpeople”. Take a look at

start again, start all over again

I think I am going to use this blog again and get it a ‘real’ URL. I just need an idea for a name. At the moment, I am struggeling with my work habbits. A 20-pages paper on Agamben in my politicle science seminar is finally due next wednesday, and I’d be glad to be done not absolutely last minuit.

The paper is basically on the question of murder within biopolitical societies. For Foucault, the justifaction for murder within the rationality of biopolitical societies is racism. I think, this conecption is too narrow, and I try to alter it by using Agambens bare lfe and homo sacer. At the moment, I am not quite sure if that’ll work, but I think it’s interessting to write about that stuff.