Gay Pride in Warsaw

I got this messages via email

For the second year running the Warsaw city council have banned the gay parade in the city. Although officially done on a technicality this is just another example of a right turn in Polish politics. The Mayor of Warsaw, Lech Kaczyñski, is a member of the Law and Order Party (PiS). In the city of Poznañ their members did a similar thing and argued that the gay parade was promoting paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality. This party is not a fringe or regional party as it heads the parliamentary and presidential opinion polls. If you think there are ways of showing your solidarity with the Campaign Against Homophobia that would be good. You can contact them through email at: info a

There is also an English version of their website:

The Parade is taking place in spite of the homophobic, undemocratic decision to ban it. It will be a very important manifestation of the will to fight the bigotry of Kaczynski, the Mayor of Warsaw, his party and also the even more extreme right wing that last year attacked
similar marches in Krakow and Poznan. These are the forces Kaczynski is promoting with his homophobic dictate.

There are now cheap flights going to Warsaw from different countries. If you have the possiblity: come to Warsaw on Saturday June 11, join the Parade to resist discrimination and direct a blow against right wing confidence. The Parade starts in front of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) at 12.00 noon.

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Ellisiv Rognlien
Komitet EFS 2006