Panel zu queer/feministischen Politiken auf dem Femmes ‘R’ Us

Spannend spannend, die Veranstaltung vom Institut für Queer Theory nächste Woche im Rahmen des “Femmes ‘R’ Us” Festivals. Aber in Berlin, und ich bin im Urlaub.

Feminismus – Staatsaufgabe? Wirtschaftsfaktor? Revolte?
Feminism – government’s mission? economic factor? insurrection?

Feminism – government’s mission? economic factor? insurrection?
Who are the actors in feminist politics today? Did feminism turn into a field of official politics, defined by president’s election campaigns, federal administration, global economic strategising, and academic career management? Does it make any sense at all to combine the terms feminism and insurrection today? And secondly: How does feminist practice deal with the fact that gender relations are no longer understood as structured exclusively by the category of gender, but by various processes of social differentiation like education, post/colonialism, economic globalization, racism, heteronormativity? The idea of a simple binary of male versus female is widely challenged. How is this insight taken up by feminisms? Is queer feminism a promising answer to these questions?

Fr 08. August 08 17:00-20:30 Radialsystem, Berlin-Ostbahnhof, Holzmarktstr. 33

panel on queer/feminist politics (in English)
> inputs and discussion with

María do Mar Castro Varela (Berlin)
Marina Gržini? (Ljubliana, Slovenia)
Rosa Reitsamer (Vienna, Austria)
Tiina Rosenberg (Lund, Sweden)
Chris Straayer (New York, U.S.)
Tim Stüttgen aka Timi Mei Monigatti (Berlin)

moderated by / moderiert von
Antke Engel (Institute for Queer Theory, Berlin)

as part of the Festival / im Rahmen des Festivals
Femmes ‘R’ Us. Feminismus in Pop – Musik – Kunst – Film heute
7.-16. August 2008
RADIALSYSTEM V, Holzmarktstr. 33, Berlin-Ostbahnhof
curated by / kuratiert von Ina Wudtke and/und Christine Lang