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Changing plans, getting finished

Last week, I decided to change my term paper intro a theoretical one. So I just compare the norm-based constructivist approach to International Relations with a poststructuralist one. There, I concentrate on Foucaults work on power-knowledge and governmentality.

I want to finish the paper this week. The comparison is still to be done and I want to outline some key problems regarding international organizations to narrow everything down to the question of how to analyse international organizations form a post-positivist view.

There is a very good, short text by Foucault that I highly recommend. It’s in a book by Dreyfus and Rabinow called “Foucault: Beyond Structuralism And Hermeneutics”; and on power-relations, governmentality etc. It’s a quite good source for very significant quotes.

What am I doing?

… at the moment, I am working on a paper for a seminar about transatlantic relations. I am dealing with the World Trade Organizations Disputle Settlement System, but my main focus is a theoretical one. I want to compare two approaches, namely a norm-based constructivist one and a power-based poststructuralist approach. When talking about different theories in International Relations, one often emphasises the fact that constructivist approaches deal with norms and not with power like (neo-)realists do. My idea is to look if poststructrualism isn’t a way to bring power back into the focus without taking subjects, interessts and the material world out there for granted.

start again, start all over again

I think I am going to use this blog again and get it a ‘real’ URL. I just need an idea for a name. At the moment, I am struggeling with my work habbits. A 20-pages paper on Agamben in my politicle science seminar is finally due next wednesday, and I’d be glad to be done not absolutely last minuit.

The paper is basically on the question of murder within biopolitical societies. For Foucault, the justifaction for murder within the rationality of biopolitical societies is racism. I think, this conecption is too narrow, and I try to alter it by using Agambens bare lfe and homo sacer. At the moment, I am not quite sure if that’ll work, but I think it’s interessting to write about that stuff.